Buy Australian Passport

Buy Australian Passport

Buy Australian passport : In Australia, passport services are operating normally, although the impacts of the pandemic are causing significant delays to Australia Post(link is external) delivery services around the country.

Protecting our customers and staff is a high priority for us. To visit the Melbourne Passport Office for any reason, you need to phone us first on 131 232 to make an appointment. When you’re at any passport office, please practice good hygiene and social distancing by covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and keeping at least 1.5 metres away from other people. Please don’t enter a passport office if you’re meant to be in self-isolation.

Buy Australian passport

Local restrictions are constraining our capacity to provide passport services overseas. Some Australians overseas may find it hard to lodge passport applications. Staff at Australian diplomatic and consular missions are doing all they can to assist those most in need. For the latest information, monitor the website and social media channels of your nearest

Buy Australian passport

Buy Australia Passport Passport renewal

How do I renew my passport?

Our 7-step guides set out what to do. There’s one for adult passports and one for child passports.

What’s streamlined renewal?

Streamlined renewal is an easier way to renew your passport. If you qualify, then to lodge an application you only need your application checklist or form, two passport photos and your most recent passport.

Do I qualify for streamlined renewal?

You need to be an adult and able to show us your most recent Australian passport. It has to be a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older, and
  • had a validity, when it was issued, of more than two years, and
  • was issued in your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and
  • is still current, or expired less than three years ago, and
  • hasn’t been reported lost or stolen, or been cancelled for any other reason.

What if I don’t qualify for streamlined renewal? click here to order a real passport

If you don’t qualify for streamlined renewal, then you’ll need to nominate a referee and show us original supporting documents that prove your citizenship and identity.

How do I renew my passport online?

It’s easy. Just go to our online application and follow the prompts.

You’ll get a personalised application checklist or a completed application form. You’ll need to print this out and lodge it, along with two passport photos and any original documents we require, at a participating Australia Post outlet(link is external) or an Australian diplomatic or consular mission(link is external).

What if I don’t want to go online?

If going online isn’t an option for you, just ask for a blank application form at a participating Australia Post outlet(link is external) or an Australian diplomatic or consular mission(link is external).

For streamlined renewal without going online, you’ll have to call us on 131 232 or contact an Australian diplomatic or consular mission(link is external). We’ll confirm that you qualify, and send you a pre-filled form by mail or by email.

Can I Buy Australia Passport or get a passport renewal form at Australia Post?

Yes, but not for streamlined renewal.

The form to ask for is called ‘Application for an Australian Passport’. For adults, the form is green. For children, the form is purple.

As well as two passport photographs, you’ll need your birth certificate and other original documents to establish your identity and citizenship. You’ll also need a guarantor.

Why can’t I get a form for streamlined renewal at Australia Post?

We pre-fill applications for streamlined renewal with information from the passport database so that they’re only used by people who qualify.

For privacy and security reasons, Australia Post has no access to the passport database. That’s why Australia Post can’t pre‑fill the forms and offer them in post offices.

How do I get a form for streamlined renewal?

The easiest way to take advantage of streamlined renewal is by using our online service.

If that’s not an option for you, you can call us on 131 232 if you’re in Australia or contact an Australian diplomatic or consular mission(link is external) if you’re overseas. We’ll use information in the passport database to verify your details. If you qualify, we’ll send you a pre-filled application form by email or by mail.

Calling outside peak periods (9am to 3pm) may reduce your wait time.

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